Hi. I’m a Sr. Software Engineer at Behance/Adobe and I play guitar and sing in the indie guitar rock juggernaut known as Least Best Beast.

As a technologist, my two main drivers are advancing the web forward and developer relations. I have spoken at conferences and events (I’m fond of this talk I gave at CascadiaJS), I co-organize one of NYC’s more popular developer groups, NYC HTML5, and in the past, I have worked @ The New York Times, Credit Suisse, IAC/InterActiveCorp, Ogilvy & Mather, Sears and some others.

As a musician, my name has ended up somewhere on the sleeve of a bunch of records, including with such bands as Century Rocket Building, Bearhawk, Friends of Enemies and too many more, including my own solo work. Having toured the country and resided in many cities, I have an extensive network of musician friends, several of which have collaborated with me on an upcoming release, Lost+Found.

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