Farm Team

1998 Nationwide travelers re-collide in Chicago after serving in many bands in many states. Decision: “Hey, Chicago. Why not?” – laugh at that one now. Loud and obnoxious not-rock in small basement. Neighbors complained once. Once. This was the year for dumb shows. Saw riots. Drank beer. Cleared rooms. Two gay Swedish bodybuilders tipped us $5 apiece - last time we worked with that booker.

1999 Prolific year for Farmers. House of Rock established (remember small basement?). Said basement neck deep in projects. More dumb shows, all good shows. Amused at Chicago’s seeming lack of stamina regarding loud music. Put the thumbscrews to friends, pushed out 4XSTRONGER / FREE UNIFORM CD of previous EP’s on Pensamplivox. Several local retailers actually carry it. Many Mid-West tour weekends. Established OUCHO Festival (Oucho de Mayo in 1999) all day music fest at Chicago’s MUTINY. Olmer purchases luxury van. East coast mini-tour to NYC (Monks Reunion !!)

2000+ Still puzzled & bemused by Chicago’s fixation on the ‘regurgitated radio crap’ flavor of things. I mean, it’s all good, but ain’t variety the spice of life? We think so. Decide to continue forward, with eyes closed and swinging wildly. More recording, More! Full length “We Still Dont Know” to be released this century. More shows, More! - including full-blown Right Coast Tour (weeks!) - NYC, Boston, Baltimore, Columbus, Louisville, etc. Some shows rumored to have been played with godhead vocally-challenged OXES and LYNX. Chicago shows love for Farm Team by blacklisting show flyers after prominant local/national/international celeb’s picture featured not once (gasp!) but twice (horror!!). We still like you anyway. 2nd annual OUCHO Festival (Oucho de Julio this time) is a rousing success. Left Coast Tour in the Fall. Take extended break.