Joe Sepi is a technologist

He is passionate about advancing the web forward through open source technologies, open governance, and open communities. He has held engineering leadership positions at The New York Times, Adobe, Credit Suisse, Sears, as well as a few start-ups. He's been at IBM for several years and is currently Program Director of Open Technologies within IBM Research. Additionally, he helps lead the OpenJS Foundation and works to maintain and grow the Node.js platform.
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Joe Sepi is a musician

He has been playing in bands since he was 15 and moved all around the country chasing music adventures. His first band’s release was produced by Built to Spill’s Doug Martsch and his forthcoming release features friends from Silkworm, Chevelle, Wrong War, and even Lil Bub’s human. While he’s been in many bands you’ve likely never heard of, the only constants in this journey of sound have been Joe’s heart-on-sleeve voice, magic rocket guitar, and change. His new band, Discount Fireworks, is about to explode. LOOK OUT! 💥
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Please enjoy this Youtube playlist of songs from Joe Sepi's many musical adventures: