Joe Sepi has been playing music since he was 14. He started out playing heavy metal in high school around Saratoga. He and some friends moved to Boise, ID in 1991 to start a band. It was the year punk broke. It was the year grunge exploded. Boise was an amazing place with a tight knit music community, which at the time included Built to Spill, some of whom were roomates with Joe. After playing in a few bands in Boise, he moved up to Olympia, WA, where he met a lot of people from Chicago. The music scene in OlyWA was rich, considering how small the city is. There was an amazing amount of great bands and record labels at that time, including KARP, Unwound, 31 Knots and K Records, Punk in my Vitamins, and Kill Rock Stars. After playing in a few bands in OlyWA, Joe drove around the country for 5 weeks and ended up in Bennington, VT. He played drums in a band there, despite his lack of drum talent at the time. It was a small town, so you take what you can get. Boredom sets in quickly in sleepy Vermont. Soon he was beckoned to Chicago to rendezvous with all those characters he met in Olympia. Chicago was a good decade of great music creation and performance. After Chicago, Joe spent about a decade around NYC and up in the Hudson Valley, including Peekskill, where Least Best Beast was born and thrived. He can now be found near New Haven, CT, giving life to his new band, Discount Fireworks. Always good things ahead.

There are tons of great stories about each band and location which I'll get around to writing about some day. Until then, here are some quick hits:

Current Projects

Discount Fireworks
a culmination of everything that came before

Least Best Beast
a beasty punk/rock trio

Past Projects

New Haven, CT

Dive Bar Dirty Rock

Peekskill, NY

Mustard Tiger
an improv punk/metal band. Never Rehearse; Always Destroy

Chicago, IL

aka Joe Sepi

Century Rocket Building
Building Rocket Centuries

Killer Wails of Louderness

Harnessing Absurdity Almost Brilliantly Under Dank Skies

Farm Team
Go To Rock and Take A Left

The Fucking Stars
Burned Too Bright; Died Before Flight

The Lonnie Giles All Star Team
Born For a Broken Man

Manhattan Glasses
Dark Nights Breed A Dark Brood

My Tongue Under The City
Underbelly Anthems From the Space Beneath

Bennington, VT

Chicmagnet 225
Remember Who Your Daddy Is, Noel

The Lonnie Giles All Star Team
Born For a Broken Man

Olympia, WA

Friends of Enemies
It's in the water

Louis DePalmer
Like A Three Sided Die

The Lonnie Giles All Star Team
Born For a Broken Man

Boise, ID

Grant Avenue
Grant Olsen + Anyone = Awesome

Big Mud Wagon
Seasonal Singers Front A Truck

Dolemite Motherfucker
B-Rated Mayhem

Saratoga, NY

Metal Slivers Under Your Skin

Virgin Reality
Passion Pairing Pop

Control Resistance