Rock is a foot. Sounds abound

The *joesepi* rock experience is back in action. A four-tet now exists with Nate on drums, Jon O back on bass and Chris on more guitar. Things sounded great last week and it seems like it is going to be a weekly practice schedule. Shows should be just around the corner and everyone is excited.

Bearhawk continues to do its thing. With a packed house at Curly’s last week, another quality set was hurled at the audience, mostly with knees and elbows. An acoustic Bhawk started things off, followed by full blown front door rock. I had to keep an eye on the entrance as patrons hoping to join the escapade would have to walk right through my space to do so. We made room for each other though and everyone was able to come and go with as much ease as a Fire Marshall could expect.

Motorcycle Mike also played that nite with a rousing set (not arousing, mind you) of good old fashioned Rip-Rock. Sound muscles were a-flex and all the girls in the front were ga-ga over Scotty. The word on the street though is that the group will burn out before becoming stars with mr. Budha maxing himself out in every way. Catch them while you can.

Century Rocket Building is back on the map with a new drummer and new songs. Dan Smith, from Salvo Beta (among others), is banging away behind the drums bringing the mighty building, with all of its architecturally challenged angles, back into the game. Calls are already being made to make face time for the masses. And the discussions of releasing the now infamous Skull Skill are flowing again as well.