Things are off to a good start for this new outfit with an old name.

The line-up now stands as a solid quintet (five yay’s at head count). Nate is still the man on drums. He is now joined by a spry and sprowley Bill on guitar. And we have fellow spacemates, AJ and Mike, joining in on our side of the fun with keys and bass, respectively. These last two blokes have shared a space with us for many years with barely a knowing of what the others were doing. With a system of leaving rent money in the beer fridge, these two groups of rocknards narely ever crossed paths. So when a bass player was needed, Mike was thought of, which immediately sparked the thought of adding keys via AJ and his assortment of amalgamated sounds.

The fit has been nice. All boys play well together and the sound is tight enough for a hessian hooper (an inside joke between me and myself relating back to a story where I wouldn’t tie my shoes to be on the basketball team).

The first show was a smashing success. Opening up one of the famous Flabby Hoffman Extravaganza’s (filmed for the tele), we enjoyed a good crowd, cheap beers and great sound from our good friend, Eric Mahle at the Subterranean. The set included classics like Double Zero as well as new ones such as Dear Jessica (a Michigan favorite); and the night was capped by an extended jam on The Shore My Lawn with multiple guitar and Rhodes solos.

Our next show is next friday (May12) with our old buddies, System and Station. It will again be at the SubT and we will again be playing first (set the bar high!).