Show went well. Twas great really. Mahle (Sybris) did sound again. It turns out, he did sound for a show we (one of my bands) did with System and Station a long time ago at the Prodigal Son when it was being booked by Brian of MPshows.

We swapped out the Silkworm song in the set, Cockfight of Feelings, for a song from the sepi sessions, Heliocentric Model. Dean (now of Chevelle fame) helped me re-arrange the song and it can be quite challenging, so we decided to wait until this second show to trot it out like the racehorse it is. Surprisingly, we did quite well with it.

The other bands were good too, ST Monroe and Archaeology, but System and Station rocked! Those guys were on top of their shit that night. They’ve got a new bass player and drummer, both swell guys, and Ryan and Palmer were both just ripping it up. And Ryan was also playing some keyboards on a fancy little Juno. Dan Fanelli and I were talking about how the new drummer is such a pro. And the bass player was wicked intense, like he was one big vein pulsing, about to pop. The new songs sounded great.