We took a stab at recording the SKWM song last night. Mike got their early to set up the vast array of nice mics that he and AJ own, and also to get our little closet of a ‘control room’ set back up again. (AJ would like to thank the Angry Russian for his endless advice on mic purchases.)

We started off recording the drums and my gtr first and I sang a scratch vocal into a very nice condenser mic (no PA, no monitor).

Things got off to a slow start as Mike and AJ fried a transistor and I fried my Fender Twin. In the meantime, Nate and I worked on the drums in the song and came up with something rather nice – should have a good feel when all is said and done.

Bill stepped up to the plate after that and laid down some very nice add’l gtr. Got a good tone mixing a ribbon mic close and one of the mics on the toms.

Mike finished off the night with some bass direct. I am not sure how it turned out cuz I had to split. Twas getting late. Maybe we will throw up a working version as we finish it up on our very own recording a SKWM song page.

quick notes on previous attempts:

First try: (around 3/7)
Ok, so this is the story of my life; and the story with most of my recordings -
poor/loose planning + lots of luck (good and bad) = interesting results

  • Go to record at my recently vacated studio apartment (hopefully new tenant moves in tomorrow)
  • Have nice Shure condenser mic, but the cable in my little bag has a 1/4″ end (no phantom power)
  • Doesn’t matter cuz, I haven’t installed protools onto my newly reformatted laptop yet.
  • Also, no core audio driver, so either way, can’t use MBox for phantom power or any other type of input.
    NOTE: just moved, all shit in a pile at new place, currently staying at girlfriend’s place until situations are in place.
  • So now I am stuck with the internal mic on my laptop and GarageBand.
  • No place to sit (moved out) — sitting on floor.
  • No internet connection — don’t know the words by heart, have to sit and type them out, can’t get to SKWM site for lyrics, end up making some of them up.
  • Friend there, helps with back up vox and adds thumbed bassline while I do lead on one guitar.
  • Only 2 beers
  • But neighbor gives us a “Bravo!” from outside the door at the end of the last take.
    It came out interesting, I could re-record it, but often times I stick with the way something came out – for better or for worse. Let’s just say it has personality.

Second try: (around 4/5)
I recorded acoustic/vox up at Reelsounds. I have tried to work on it some on my own. I think my mBox is fucked up. And the tracks I laid down are somewhat subpar – in recording quality. Also, seems a little hurried and lacks the feel you get when you record vox/gtr at the same time, which my version of this song needs badly – that feel.