Century Rocket Building at ReelsoundsI have finished adding what we had in the previous pvx photo gallery. It was a huge pain in the ass, but it was worth it. There were tons of photos in there (and are again) and it bothered me so much to not have them up anymore.

Besides the usual bounty of Century Rocket Building, Bearhawk, Gasmask and your’s truly, you’ll find choice pix of Mouse and Fig from Reelsounds, Michael Dahlquist (SKWM), Dean Bernadini (Chevelle), Bitner, Thax, Grant Hart, Cornfed, The Grievers, the many Oucho Bands, The BombBoys (the bookoos) and many many more.

See the entire recording process of Skull Skill, the soon to be released CRB album. Or the many tireless hours recording Louderness, the recently released Bearhawk album. There are also the sepi sessions which include 7 songs and 5 drummers. Other highlights include StPatsParade, CalsFest, the Marklund shows for D’Illustrio (bearhawk) and the Acoustic CRB duo, the professional shots of CRB and the Cronin BBQ show.