FinerFoods FinitoIt’s been a long time coming — changes are afoot. Our tenure at FinerFoods is coming to an end. As of *possibly* tomorrow, the room a step up will be vacant.

The Story:
We (the joesepi band) realized that we all live up north and it seemed silly for all of us to drive into the city when Bill has a perfectly good practice space up near where we are all dwelling. (Bill and I used to share this space when he and I and a fella named Camilo had a band called the F*cking St*rs.)

Shit in the skySo the decision was made to move up north. This took half of the members of the space away from FinerFoods. Mike and AJ had that space for years and with them leaving — and since they were half of the money equation — things had to be figured out. Once they (we – the joesepi band) left, the rest of us (Century Rocket Building, Bearhawk, Bookoos, Rang, GasMasK, etc…) had to find another band to split it with us since there really are only about 6 people that make up that previous list of bands.

Jesus Domingo is a lard assOk, no big deal, go on the hunt and find another group of slags to chip in on the rent. Through the EA board, we come across the fellas in Bearclaw. Nice group of guys who seem to be interested in the space. After some chatter about details, they say yes. Then a few days later, they say no. A couple days later, they say yes – 100%! Then a week later they say no fucking way! Turns out in the end, they actually contacted the owner of the bldg and he said he was raising the rent to an unreasonable amount and said fuck you and hung up. That scared Bearclaw away for obvious reasons. It also brought us to the conclusion that the space isn’t worth the money being paid to a no-good juice bag. So we are bailing too.

As of possibly tonight, if the beauville is back from the shop, the FinerFoods Era will be finito.