Rock Rock Rock*joesepi* (the band) will be sharing shows with some friends from Kalamazoo, Wishek. First show is Friday Aug 4 at Underground Lounge here in Chicago and the second is Saturday Aug 5 at KraftBrauBrewery in Kalamazoo.

A member of Wishek is releasing a Silkworm Tribute Record
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And *joesepi* is on there as well as many other bands, including Steve Albini/Heather Whinna, .22, Luff, Mirror America, TooManyHelicopters and Push-Pull. With many contributions, the release is now a 2-disc set slated for a Sept release (but some advanced copies may be available at these shows).

[ At the Underground on Friday, we will be on at about 10:30 with Wishek following. ]

Fri Aug 4 – Chicago IL
performing with:
Underground Lounge
As a part of the Flabby Hoffman TV show and Rock Concert Experience:

Sat Aug 5 – Kalamazoo, MI
*joesepi* with Wishek
And Crash City Saints