How do you like this?

my new stereo

Ok, my wonderful girlfriend bought me this stereo for my birthday. Although my birthday is next monday, she bought it last weekend and when she realized she couldn’t carry it up to our 3rd floor apartment, she had to give it to me early so I could help her get it out of her car and into our home.

I haven’t done any research on it yet, so if anyone has any enlightening info or advice (care), please chime in. Otherwise, I just wanted to share how cool this fucking thing is.


  • it is a General Electric I think from 1963
  • the speakers fold out and all three speakers are ‘wireless’.
  • the record player folds down (it is a Garrard)
  • it totally works in every way (a little dirty)
  • it has 4 speeds on the record player
  • the other side (opposite the record player) folds out slightly to store albums in there
  • it has inputs for ‘tape’ (rca jacks – ie iPod)