// joesepi
Have any of you out there heard of this site? It’s like internet radio, only better. You sign up (free) and download their little “audio scrobbler” (dont ask). Then when you listen to music on your computer (iTunes or whatever) it takes note of what you’ve been listening and recommends music based on that. You can also search for artists and listen to ‘radio’ based on similar artists. It’s really hard to explain, but fun and stuff.

This is where that little graphic to the right is coming from. I am on there as joesepi, feel free to look me up and add me as your friend. We can sit around and make mix tapes like the old days.

I am also adding our records up there – see Pensamplivox.

EDIT: And you know what else? I am finding this really useful as I clean out my ridiculously large music library. I can scroll through things and click on something I hadn’t heard. With the Audio Scrobbler open, it instantly gives me a brief bio. For example, I didn’t realize A Certain Ratio were right along Gang of Four and Cabaret Voltaire in pioneering the post-punk/funk stuff from the UK in the late 70′s. This, I like.