I have been reading some MP3Blogs lately and I love the idea (see the sidebar for links). And when I was driving around listening to Les Savy Fav’s Go Forth, I just wanted to share it with the world. So with my first installment, I give you some of Les Savy Fav, Go Forth:

  • Tragic Monsters
  • Crawling Can Be Beautiful
  • Adopduction
    REMEMBER: MP3′s suck, go buy this on VINYL!
  • It’s hard for me to explain why I like this album so much. I can only use words like teethy and wet sand. I highly recommend headphones at all times.

    Lyric Excerpt: “Who here finds this world distracting, Who here finds this world a bore… I for one am dazzled!”

    EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that it is frowned upon to make available someone’s whole album. I have trimmed it down some songs, but they are so good, I could only do so much. Please dont sue me.