Annual Chicago Rock and Roll Cookout Will Feature 10 bands, meat.

!OUCHO! poster

The Eighth Annual OuchoFest, a day-long rock show and cookout, will once again take over Chicago’s The Mutiny – a Chicago staple for live music.

This event, featuring multiple bands, free food (and open grill) and free pool, and multitudes of cheap drinks, is the latest incarnation of an annual series of music showcases that have been highlighting regional performance groups. Curated and sponsored by Pensamplivox Records (PVX) since 1998, the mission statement of the festival can be neatly summed up in the immortal words of Spinal Tap’s Viv Savage: “Have… a good time… all of the time.”

Each previous OuchoFest has featured no less than eight musical acts, with packed houses nominally guaranteed since Year Five, and would certainly be at a loss without the kind partnership of The Mutiny (2428 N Western). A classic & charming dive bar and performance venue, The Mutiny has been home to many fledgling Chicago bands and Logan’s Square mini-pitcher drinkers. The Mutiny’s enormous free-standing grill is a prominent feature of the event, with space to accommodate any specialized meat or non-meat dietary restrictions throughout the day.

This year’s OuchoFest is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2006. Grilling will start after 5PM, and will feature musical performances by the following groups:
Love Story In Blood Red
Stanley Ross
Plan B
The Iron Catastrophe

Eight of the bands are Chicago-based, while .22 (Idaho/Chicago) and Wishek (Michigan) have significant ties to The Windy City.

About Pensamplivox Records

Founded in 1998, Pensamplivox Records [PVX] is the public face of a Chicago-based musical collective with dozens of core and associate members. Formed purely out of innocence, PVX has slowly evolved over the years to become one of Chicago’s reluctant & recalcitrant resources for original, bent and fresh takes on melodies, harmonies, and beats.

Today, the PVX roster boasts a core of excellent music craft, staggering showmanship, and superb recordings. The *joesepi* Band is at the active forefront with a pounding, road-tested live act of natural rock classics, and a swaggering new record in the can. Additionally, records by iconoclasts Century Rocket Building and Bearhawk are targeted for Winter ’06-’07 releases, with road shows to follow, post-parturiency and recovery.