Well, I was graciously invited to see the Trail of Dead at the House of Blues with Celebration, Blood Brothers and my good friends, Brothers and Sisters. Not much to report as I needed to leave early and didn’t get to see TOD. But I have seen them before (used to play poker with them in OLY,WA) and I was really there to see old cohort, James Olsen, perform with the Bros and Hos, I mean Sis’.

I do have to say that House of Blues were the biggest pain in the ass. I had to park 3 blocks away and pay $20. I had to wait in this long line to be told to go wait in another line to get my tix for the guest list. Then, I wasn’t able to bring in some shirts and CD’s I had with me to give to Olsen. Even though people were coming in with elaborate costumes (Halloween), they wouldn’t let me in with my wee bit of merch. I had to stash it on top of some shelves and James and I came out later to reclaim them. So stupid.

Anyway, Brothers and Sisters were remarkably great. Celebration were sexy and cool. Blood Brothers were pretty lame, I thought, but the kids seemed really into it. And like I said, I missed the TOD.

I did however have a taxi back up into me (my car) on Michigan Ave after the show – totally lame. Which reminds me, I need to call that insurance guy…