*joesepi* band photos

After a friendly little get-together involving homemade vegetarian pizza and beer/caucasians, us boys and Nicole, my lovely girlfriend, set out to get us some promo photos.

We started inside and took a bunch in our dining room, but soon we found ourselves outside in Loyola Park right behind our apartment. We’re freezing our asses off: with the long shutter and a cold shudder, it was hard to keep us in focus and focused. Mike insisited on running off every few minutes – like seriously bolting in one direction or another. The first time, he went straight for Lake Michigan; thought he was going to come back all wet.

The beach photos look like we are on the moon. The lighting in all of them is quite cool (hot?). These are untouched and are not adjusted in any way yet (ie. color, cropping, etc.), we just thought we would throw them up and sit with em for a while and see which one is best. If you have any favorites, write a comment.

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