See also my engineering and management story.

I very much enjoy engaging and supporting the engineering community by:

  • Speaking at conferences and events
  • Initiating and leading events internally and externally
  • Writing articles, tutorials and creating screencasts
  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Hosting podcasts


I am the co-organizer of the NYCHTML5 group, which was founded in 2011 and has become a fixture in the NYC tech scene.

Open Source

JSCS, BeFF, nbd.js, nvd3, Rupert, Flip Flops, MEAN Cookbook, Github Flow


  • Created the BehanceTech Medium publication and serve as editor
  • Redesigned/replatformed the dev blog
  • Organized and continue to manage the internal tech talk series
  • Spoke at a number of public events on behalf of Behance/Adobe

New York Times

  • Organized a weekly JavaScript lunch and learn series that ran for over a year
  • Initiated a weekly social coding event where engineers were able to work collaboratively in an open space
  • Participated in organizing TimesOpen events, including the very popular Open Source Science Fair
  • Was the emcee and host of a number of TimesOpen events
  • Was instrumental in revitalizing the TimesOpen Blog
  • Contributed content to the TimesOpen Blog
  • Helped to restructure the Times Developer Network


There are a number of recommendations on my LinkedIn page and most of them talk about my passion for Dev Advocacy.