Century Rocket Building

In the here and now, to work the craft and make music that solves for an aggregate of rock reflex, art-punk nuts and a slight jazz fever. The CRB: slightly like something else, but with a new pair of glasses and cleaned up nice, gosh darn it, with a new towel and a slight trim, short-back-and-sides, thankyouverymuch.

[the] Century Rocket Building drapes its conceptual arms lovingly around these three human engineers:

Mr. James MacGregor: Left of center, but sweet. Tectonic anthropologist, sound analyst, part-time architect. Can sit in front of bass amp contemplating the arrangement and feel of one note (for hours). A sucker for a tritone.

Mr. Jonathan Olmsted: Solid neck. Great-grand relative of the designer of Central Park, NYC (amongst others). Carver of six-string landscapes from raw earth. Anthems from planet rhythms. Stars sleep upon his brow.

Mr. Joseph "Sepi" Messina III: Happy-go-lucky fret whiz. The guy who knows a guy and they all know him. Magnetic maniac who either has a kind word or a snappy quip for folks of all ages. The notes, they warm themselves at his fingers.

Mr. Dan Smith: No introductions necessary.

Mr. Keith Blaze: Cute as all heck. Disney could sue for copyright infringement. Also by definition, an excellent speedjazzheavyrawkfunkcowpunk drummer. Inverting that works seamlessly as well. Staggeringly talented locus.