Farm Team

Nationwide travelers re-collide in Chicago after serving in many bands in many states. Loud and obnoxious not-rock in small basement. Neighbors complained once. Lots of dumb shows, one became a riot. Cleared rooms. Two Swedish bodybuilders tipped us $5 apiece. Prolific Farmers. Put the thumbscrews to friends, pushed out 4XSTRONGER / FREE UNIFORM CD of previous EP's on Pensamplivox. Several local retailers actually carried it. Many Mid-West touring weekends. Established an all day music fest at Chicago's MUTINY. Olmer purchases luxury van. One tour was an East coast mini to NYC to attend the Monks Reunion. Continuing forward, eyes closed and swinging wildly. More recording. Full length "We Still Dont Know" happened.

Braundrum / MacBass / Olmguit / Sepitar