Joe Sepi

Over the years, Joe Sepi «The Man» found himself creating and dismantling bands in many interesting places. Performing music across the U.S. under various names and bands and guises for nearly two decades, this recovering Olympia WA / New York / Boise / Bennington VT resident found himself in Chicago, bursting with stellar music and a smashing new performing group.

Concurrently, “joesepi” «The Plan» was a banner name for countless hours of kitchen-sink recording sessions. Tons of Joe’s songs found a home fixed to tape with the able hands and hooves of a revolving door studio lineup: countless contributions from friends old and new, including the brash drumming of Silkworm’s dearly-missed Michael Dahlquist, the keyboard addict squech and roll of the Infrasonics, the walloping thwap of Chevelle’s Dean Bernadini, and musical foxhole kin Jon, Jim & Dan of the mighty Century Rocket Building.

Over time, this fluid and flexible approach reinforced Joe’s songs across a variety of styles, manners and influences. Take the melted-Sabbath riffing of “Heliocentric Model”, or the jangly power-pop of the Found Magazine-approved “Dear Jessica,” From the glassy & brooding “Frail Common Animal” to the sentimental “Windowsill Again” the only constants in this winning formula have been Joe’s heart-on-sleeve voice, magic rocket guitar, and change.

Almost unknowingly (almost), Joe Sepi had become an institution. Flush with music in pocket, and heeding the desire to bring the sounds of the studio to the stage, a performance arm for the output was assembled, called (………….wait for it……………) joesepi.

joesepi «The Band» played many a show, presenting years and years of old and new songwriting, now alive and rehearsed. At times burly and abrasive, at others bright and brittle, but always quite simply rock music. Rock music that will not present itself in the exact same manner twice.

Unless you play the disc again.