Here is a little note I sent to a couple of friends. Upon reflection, I thought it could make for a nice little album review and endorsement. So I am sharing it with you too.

Hey Guys,

I was listening to a band this morning and thought of you. The band is called Cheer Accident. They are stalwarts on the Chicago scene and are old friends of mine. I suspect you would enjoy hearing them.

I was listening to their album Introducing Lemon this morning. The first track is 22 minutes long and instrumental. Most of their songs are instrumental. It takes about 12 minutes to really get to what makes Cheer Accident great, but when you get there, it is really awesome. The first 12 minutes are good too, but their true goodness comes about half way into this long song. What starts out as interesting, complex and intriguing goes dark and even more interesting, complex and intriguing.

I hope you guys look up this album on [insert favorite online music service here] and check out that first song. Let it play into the second song and you get even more of a glimpse into the amazing depth of Cheer Accident.

I once turned on the tv and saw them playing on a public access station in front of a green screen; they were all wearing the same color clothes as the green screen as well. Strange imagery gave great visuals to their odd music. It was fantastic.


  • Joe