I am super excited to tell you about the new music project that has begun. It goes by the name Least Best Beast and it is sweet.


We are a rock band consisting of Patrick Conlon on bass, Mike Vlad on drums and myself doing guitar and vocals. We have been playing together since August of 2014. The sound is post-punk rock — solid trio, bitchin' riffs, with just enough guitar solos. We are also mastering falling apart artfully anywhere we can, in a good way.

More background

Since leaving Chicago in 2008, I have been hungering to play some music. But in NY, I was only able to put together a few one-off shows with various friends helping out (including two appearances at PRFBBQ fests!) but I still couldn't pull together a regular band. After moving up to Peekskill (35mi north of the city) I was starting to think my chances were pretty slim of finding some like-minded souls to make some noise with.

Eventually, I hooked up with Patrick Conlon, the proprietor of Peekskill's wonderful Speakeasy Tattoo. He and I played together with a number of drummers, but it wasn't working for one reason or another. At a certain point, I decided to up the search and actually make a flyer. At the same time, Mike Vlad started working at the studio and just happened to be a really solid drummer. (And more importantly, a super good guy.)

Well, we are off to the races. We have a couple shows coming up. We are already strategizing to record soon. We have a friend at a label who is coming to the first show and is excited to hear us. Off to the races.